26. September 2009

Dr. Allan Kalamir schrieb: Dear Sir,

I am interested in any information about the origin of the Kalhamer family. My family name can be traced to 1672 in a town called Zapressich (near Zagreb, Croatia). In this time the name was written "Kalamer". This is not a Croatian name. Some family members think it is Hungarian, some believe it is Czech. Do you think it is possible that it is Austrian?

I would appreciate your thoughts and any information on where they might have lived, or migrated.

Kind Regards,

Dr Allan Kalamir

Antwort: Dear Dr. Kalamir,

well, although there is a striking similarity between the word Kalamer and Kalhamer the real name is Kalham. They were knights of the archbishop of Salzburg. The extension Kalhamer is the name of the whole clan. We may not confuse a German dynasty name with a Slavonic family name because there is no reaon to assume common roots.

Best regards

Manfred Hiebl